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Store Benefits

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1. 1 year listing (Generate sales & leads and get Free advertisements)

2. Upload 12 coupons

3. User can print discount coupon and get discount at the time of billing

4. Users copy the discount code and visit online stores and purchase online

5. Add coupons / purchase additional coupons

6. Add / Edit your Stores description at any time

7. Give an individual description to all coupons, include whatever you want to generate sales.

8. Set expiry to coupons

9. Get to know how many members clicked your coupons

10. Upload Photos

11. Get lots of Free Mouth Publicity

12. Users can rate your coupons, giving better understanding of user behavior.

13. User can review on your coupons

14. When user prints a coupons, store owner gets an email .

15. Get Free and fast Advertisement + Sales

16. User can purchase online by going to stores website with a single click and use the same

         discount coupon from

17. Facility to stores to add their own website in

18. Facility to stores to add, edit & delete data at any time.

19. Complete user friendly interface

20. Excellent customer support team.

21. ADD, Edit & delete photos.

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